Sunday, March 9, 2014

Life gets in the way sometimes.

This winter started out with a bang. It started snowing almost as soon as we returned from Florida. By December Dave was grooming out at our local ski trail system (Big M) and we got active with a group called Ski and Spree and skied on Sunday afternoons, usually in the Benzie county area north of us. We led some ski/snowshoe outings for the North Country Trail local chapter. The skiing was some aerobic activity, about the only aerobic activity other than shoveling that we did.
Unfortunately we were also busy not skiing as the rental properties we own had several problems; Dave was in the middle of an eviction. The aging equipment at Big M also had numerous breakdowns this year.
Our huge project that we started during the summer was building and installing our kitchen cabinets and it was less than half finished by the time the snow arrived. We cleaned out the garage, moved into the garage workshops and both guest bedrooms and I continued to do the woodworking and varnishing on an almost full time basis while Dave worked on tenant issue and Big M groomer maintenance and repair problems (of which there were many)!
We had record amounts of snow this winter. The snow totals this year have smashed previous records amounting to more than 14 feet and we aren't through yet, as I write this in March.

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  1. and.... ? I know you've been doing way more prep than this.