Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Feels like a rest day

July 1st, Tuesday
22 miles on Hwy. 2
Glacier Haven RV Park,
feet elevation gain
Today we got up early to bike on Hwy.  2 before the big RV'S got up and moving. The shoulder was narrow but the traffic was respectful and we didn't feel as pressured as we had on 93 west of Whitefish which mostly had no shoulders and what there was was uneven.
We got into camp at about 10:30 am which left the rest of the day for reading, blogging and playing cribbage with Dale and Lorriann.
We spent quite a bit of time laughing at the "Crabby Patty" resort owner who managed to have almost every interaction end with a little zinger dig at us. "There's another RV park right at the bottom of the pass." The WiFi code is right under the word WiFi." Not that we felt special, it's probably just his way of interacting with the world.
The campground is between busy Hwy. 2 and a very active railroad. We have probably had 10 trains go by just this afternoon. Good night to wear the new earplugs!
Tomorrow we are going to see how we feel after we bike over Marias Pass. Marias is the lowest pass in the Continental Divide. If we really feel good we may go all the way to Cutbank, MT. Otherwise we will stay in East Glacier.  We have heard that East Glacier has some kind of problem with their water supply so only bottled water is safe. Update July 2nd. East Glacier has a new water main as of a year ago so the info was old news.
Posting this without pics as the post kept failing.

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