Friday, July 11, 2014

Rest day, more doctoring

11 miles
Dave's tendons let him down again. Diagnosis : Achilles Tendonitis. Treatment: deep massage with ICE and lots of Ibuprofen and possibly fewer miles, hills and lower speed. 

We've seen really understanding Physicians' Assistants both times we've gone to the medical clinics. This PA emphasized to Dave that he has had some tearing of the Achilles Tendon and instead of using the warming pads that make it feel better temporarily, he needs to do a deep massage with ice as often as possible but at least every night. He also talked about doing prescription level Ibuprofen (with food) for at least a few weeks.  He emphasized that if Dave ignored the issue he would probably be facing a ruptured tendon so it was good we came in for some advice. Dave tends to continue on even through the pain.

I did ask him about my feet falling asleep but he said that was fairly common.  He even gets it horse back riding (never would have thought of that) and to keep doing what we're doing.

We did some errands ( thus the 11 miles) biked up the hill to the motel three times...Don't know where the time goes on a rest day but it sure goes fast. We didn't get to go to a dinosaur museum I was interested in. This area on the sea used to be a giant prehistoric ocean and there have been full skeletons of dinosaurs discovered here on the plains.  There is a second museum near us that explains them from a Creationist point of view. Not that they advertise it that way which I think is a little trickstery...

We've decided to send back our sleeping bags and use a sheet and small fleece blanket instead.  Too hot for the down bags, especially for the human furnace next to me! If it gets really cold somewhere we'll take a motel.  We've been using motels far more than I've expected. 


  1. Take care Dave. Maybe add arnica to the regime too - orallay and topically. Thinking of the r.i.c.e. advice, can you switch seats on the tandem!

    Anyway, feel better.

    P.s. Will missed the Milk River so he missed seeing that tree!

  2. Too bad about the tendon. I had a similar problem once and found that my seat was too high. I only had to lower it a small amount to get some relief. Be careful and take it easy.