Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fantastic Tailwind!

July 5, Saturday

Chester, MT to Havre, MT
63 miles,  average speed 19.6 MPH on a fully loaded bike! We had a heck of a tailwind today, it was awesome! Our top speed was 37 mph down a fairly shallow hill.

Strange little tent site between the Best Western and a Conoco gas station.  Just a little patch of lawn and a train locomotive right behind us.
Went to see a movie, Transformers.  Dave loved it. I liked the popcorn and the air conditioning.
This area is called the Golden Triangle for its production of winter wheat; a high protein wheat. We've seen brown fields where the wheat has been harvested and green fields where it isn't ripe and slightly yellow fields where the heads are starting to ripen. Oh and one huge brilliantly yellow field of mustard.
Lots of small towns all nestled up against the railway line and each with its own grain elevator. I kept track of our mileage when we passed a train that was stopped on a side track and it was a mile long and just had oil tanker cars, probably from the Bakken oilfields. Another train was a mile and a quarter.
Dave has a new ache, a deep muscle cramp in his calf. I found a heating patch at the pharmacy and he says it is helping. He thinks it came from pushing the bike up hills in the mountains. No, I didn't kick him...Sure hope his body stops offering up new aches and pains.
Last night the Chester townsfolk shot off all kinds of rockets.  We tried going outside to see some but the mosquitos found us immediately and we didn't want to spray bug spray on us, so we went inside and fell asleep.
Slept soundly until 7 am and then by the time we ate breakfast and got started it wasn't until 8 am. The day started out cloudy which was actually nice. We didn't feel the wind until we stopped for a snack since we were going with the wind at about the same speed (21 mph)! It was a fun ride!
Good night all, hope to have repeat tailwind tomorrow.

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  1. We've been to that campground/motel. We spent a lot of time at a bike store due to wheel troubles.