Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mad dogs and Englishmen Out In the Noonday Sun

90 miles, Havre, MT to Malta, MT
16.6 average speed, 9 1/2 hrs travel time (with breaks)

Montana is one big state! Even the counties are huge. It takes us a day to cross one county.
We decided to do a 90 mile day today because the towns are so small they have very few services. Many of them look like ghost towns. Malta is a town of 2000 and has motels, camping and restaurants, not just one of the three. We had originally talked about stopping in Dodson and camping at a campground a little way out of town. Dale and Lorriann have just made the milestone of biking 1000 miles and Dale said they could make it a three milestone day if we did 90 miles. 90 miles is their longest day. Can't remember the third milestone.  I'll have to ask. It sounded good to us to knock off more Montana miles just to get through it
(we have made the milestone of traveling 1000 miles with alternate transportation for 215 of those miles).
We've had to Malta locals say with some forcefulness that the little town of Saco ahead of us has the worst mosquitos anywhere.  I'll post an update tonight on that! Could be just small town competition.  The motel owner sold us on a motel room saying the mosquitos were bad in the campground. But we still have MN ahead of us and we can't motel it every night!
Heading out for a 70 mile day...good tailwind right now if it doesn't shift.


  1. Nice, which county has the tree?

    1. Phillips County! Well actually we've been following the Milk River. We can't always see it but we can trace it's path by the line of trees that follow it. Glad you're following us, Will and Joyce