Saturday, February 21, 2015

Are you opening a bike shop?

We arrived safely in San Diego after one layover and some long flights. Our lodging is in a hotel that we got through using points from our credit card. Our first contact with the desk clerk was through bulletproof glass. Oh joy. The hotel room is freshly painted but the carpet...Well this is our home for the next two weeks. There are several stores and restaurants nearby, which is good since we just have bikes for transportation. Lots of people seem to walk to get around in this area so it seems safe enough in the evenings.
Putting our bikes together in San Diego was an interesting process. Dave wanted to do it himself rather than have the bike shop  put them together. So we spread out all over the sidewalk next to Bernie's bike shop. We were in front of a vacant storefront so the first person who asked "are you opening a bike shop?" was funny. The 15th, not so much. Interesting how so many people who don't know each other can all make the same joke. Common humanity I guess.

Traffic here in the big city is startling to us. We have gotten used to the quiet back roads of northern MI. Cars seem respectful to bicyclists, at least in the neighborhoods. The bike shop where we shipped our bikes sold a lot of second hand cruisers and the colorful assortment of characters in the Ocean Beach community certainly acted as if they owned the right of way. Whether that will be true elsewhere in San Diego remains to be seen. We plan to ride in the Mission Bay area today. There is a bike path called the Ocean Beach bike path that goes part way.

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My prayer for travel safety. I have it on my seat back.
These mountains are what we will climb the first two days of the tour!

The bikes all assembled.

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  1. A lot like repacking one's backpack on a street corner! Love it.