Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hills in Ocean Beach & Coronado Island

Today we returned to Bernie's bike shop and the Ocean Beach community. After Dave changed my tire to a newer, thicker inner tube we set out to go across the point of Point Loma. OMG we picked the steepest hill to climb! At one point the grade was so steep I could not get enough momentum to start again after a breather. The view was beautiful at the top though.

Coronado Island
Top of Point Loma. Not too proud to say I walked a section.

We continued on the bike path to the ferry landing.
When we were waiting for the ferry we talked to two sets of bike tourists. One duo were two guys who take a couple of weeks every year for a bike tour. They are from Montreal and have escaped their cold weather to ride the Pacific coast.
Another couple that we met are from England. I was so pleased to realize that they had written a blog that I followed online when we were planning our Northern Tier tour. They completed a route from Virginia to Oregon on a Hase Pino, which is a German version of the half recumbent, half upright bike on which we did our 1200 mile tour. They are now going to do the Southern Tier on single recumbents. Their blog will be on www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/southerncomfort We unfortunately had to cut our conversation short to catch the ferry over to Coronado Island. 
Coronado Island has a very nice bike path and bike lane on the Island that we followed for about an hour. The main road we were on has speed bumps to slow cars, somewhat startling on a bike at first. We missed our ferry so took the time to have some bbq. So nice to sit outside on a patio in the sun and eat dinner, knowing that at home they are issuing snow advisories. Remind me of this when I'm sweating in the sun on the bike on a hot day and whining about that.

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