Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Our Itinerary C2C 2015

We are two weeks from our 2nd attempt to cross the country on a bike. Our tour this year will be on single bikes. We have signed on with Bubba's Pampered Peddlers and will be biking in the south. We leave from San Diego on March 7 after dipping our rear wheel in the Pacific ocean. If all goes well, 52 days later we will be dipping our front wheel in the Atlantic on April 27 at St. Augustine, FL.
We will be biking with 42 other riders and 15 to 20 staff. The staff includes a chef, bike mechanic and a masseuse. The staff sets up tents each day and blows up our air mattresses. So we are going about our trek far differently than our Northern Tier adventure this past summer. (You can read about our Northern Tier Adventure in past posts on this same website). I have the actual blog as well as my digital scrapbooks online.
Why are we doing it? Well we have had this idea on our "bucket list" for a long time. However we hadn't done much more than talk about it until we realized that we are getting older and needed to either make the commitment to make it a reality or take it off the list. We tried deciding that it was off the list, but it weighed on us and so finally we added it back and went ahead with the planning and doing. Thus came the first attempt which you can read about it previous posts.
Our second tour came about by feeling incomplete after we didn't finish our first tour. However we needed to save wear and tear on the joints so decided to join a tour so our baggage wouldn't on the bike. Bubba's tour is our choice because we are hoping the extra "pampering" will make it possible for us to finish our dream and cross the country. 
A lot of folks have been asking what towns we are stopping in. Bubba sent us a handy dandy itinerary and here it is:
0 San Diego, CA  
1 Alpine, CA 42
2 Live Oak Springs, CA 32
3 Calexico, CA 63
4 Yuma, AZ 64
5 Dateland, AZ 70
6 Gila Bend, AZ 52
7 Casa Grande, AZ 78
8 Catalina, AZ 70
10 Tucson, AZ 44
11 Tombstone, AZ 73
12 Douglas, AZ 50
13 Rodeo, NM 59
14 Columbus, NM 95
16 El Paso, TX 77
17 Ft. Hancock, TX 57
18 Van Horn, TX 72
19 Marfa, TX 75
20 Marathon, TX 57
22 Sanderson, TX 55
23 Comstock, TX 82
24 Brackettville, TX 73
25 Concan, TX 74
27 Kerrville, TX 72
28 Blanco, TX 59
29 Lockhart, TX 62
30 La Grange, TX 60
31 Richards, TX 89
33 Shepherd, TX 62
34 Silsbee, TX 61
35 DeRidder, LA 73
36 Opelousas, LA 91
37 St. Francisville, LA 67
39 Franklinton, LA 86
40 Poplarville, MS 45
41 Ocean Springs, MS 68
42 Dauphin Island, AL 82
44 Milton, FL 85
45 DeFuniak Springs, FL 55
46 Marianna, FL 69
47 Tallahassee, FL 75
48 Madison, FL 48
49 High Springs, FL 77
51 Palatka, FL 85
52 St. Augustine, FL 44
  Total Miles 2925
  Daily Average 66


  1. In my opinion you've already succeeded by trying. I hope the journey is all that you want it to be.