Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hillwork, Point Loma again

We like Point Loma so well yesterday that we decided to back again today. On the way out to the far end of the point we did some hill work by going up and down neighborhood streets again. We zig zagged pretty intensively in one area and I definitely felt much more comfortable on the bike. I even managed to get up a hill that was steep enough I almost felt like I was going over backwards. Still don't know if I'm going to be ultimately in shape enough to do the mountains but I'll give it my best shot a week and one day from now.
The couple from England that we met has gotten through the mountains east of San Diego. Julie commented that the climbs were the hardest they had done. Oh boy, they previously made it through the Rockies. We had trouble in the Cascades! See:
We stopped at the National  Monument this time and read about the Spanish conquistadors. Hey we are doing touristy things as well as training. While we were there a submarine came into the harbor escorted by smaller Navy boats and three destroyers. Dave was really interested in seeing this so we watched for quite a long time. There were a lot of sailboats and other pleasure craft out to see the sub come in and in one of the photos you can see that a smaller Navy boat is heading off a sailboat. The operator out front has a gun so they are serious about keeping people away.

Another set of photos shows an area on the bike path near us where someone has created rock cairns. They look gravity defying. 
We packed and sent home a box weighing 16 pounds. These are items we decided we didn't need as well as a couple of packs. I had bought a different one so that replaced another.
If you are interested; this is a link to a cute video of how our dog has gotten our dog sitting mom to fetch for him.

There are huge numbers of homeless folks living down near the beach, under every overpass etc. There seems to be different strata, those with bicycles, those without, those with vehicles or not etc. Really sad to see.
On a happier note, lots of shorebirds.

Say, for those who are getting used to longer posts from me, I should predict that when I am actually on the bike tour, I may be very tired and not posting long posts. Especially for the first couple of weeks until I get my muscles in shape, it may be all I can do to post some pictures and minimal description! As well, we will be meeting lots of folks and we have a meeting every night to discuss the following day's route so blogging may not be as high priority for me. I will try to blog a little bit every night that we have wifi or cell coverage.

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