Saturday, February 21, 2015

Trying to get used to biking in a city

Today we did a 14 mile bike ride with some errands and rode on a bike trail around some beaches. I think in one day I really improved my bike handling skills dodging groups of walkers, and casual bike riders not to mention the ubiquitous homeless folks and their gigantic shopping carts. Not very used to doing any maneuvers up in northern MI on the lightly travelled roads there. Did a couple of bridge overpasses that were steep but haven't tackled any hills yet.
Both of us were really sore last night from being on our knees assembling the bike most of the day yesterday. I am really missing my yoga classes. What with our long drive and plane trips, we haven't gotten any real exercise in a week.
Dave woke up during the night with cramping in every part of his legs. He said all the opposing muscle groups were cramping so he couldn't get the cramps to stop by stretching in the opposite direction. I was vaguely aware of his expletives but mostly couldn't  (or wouldn't) wake up. That's what jet lag will do to ya!
We visited Dog Beach today. From what we could see, every dog who ran onto the beach did his business right away. Most of the owners picked up after them...
We will be staying at a hotel on the beach and will leave from there after a ceremonial dip of the back wheel into the Pacific in exactly two weeks.

Dog beach and the Ocean Villa hotel from the Mission Bay side of the San Diego River

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs

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  1. You missed the -17º temps Friday morning in Manistee, with the -33º windchill! Have a safe trip.