Saturday, June 14, 2014

Adventures in Concrete, WA

Concrete, WA 

28 miles day 3

79 miles total (some are in town miles)

Ok, so I made the reservation when I was cold and tired of rain. Unfortunately I didn't read the following review beforehand but it describes the place we are staying perfectly. Read on:

Ok, we decided it was worth the adventure of a cheap motel, and certainly, I've stayed in worse. Hands down, though, Eagles Nest Motel in Concrete WA is the ugliest room ever. It's almost a parody of itself.

Paper-thin walls and ill-fitting doors brought the outdoors in, highway noise "and all." The mini-fridge was warm. There was no coffee, and the plastic disposable cups tasted like the bar soap they sat next to. The clock was off by many hours, if it worked at all.  There was a certain random artistry to the generous white paint splotches on the wood-stained trim and doorknobs.  The broad collection of artwork was absolutely resistible, especially the eagle prints in our room that were $100 each or $375 for the trio.  Yep, $75 more for the set than to buy each print separately.  When we asked to use a bottle opener, we were pointed to purchase an unbelievably tacky Indian beaded one for $15.   We decided it was cheaper to head down the road and buy something that didn't require an opener.  It was.

Warm, relatively clean room on a cold day with a comfortable bed, a tv and a mish-mash of well beyond slightly used tasteless 60s furniture... worth $55+tax?  Not sure.

Loren again. Well anyway,  we are warm and comfy but determined to ride at least to the next town tomorrow.
We were able to get the bike up the stairs and into the room. That feels a lot better after a guy who has seen lots better days commented on how "that must be an expensive bike".
Our ride started out in a misty drizzle. We rode for about 10 miles on a crushed limestone rail trail. It was pretty, seeing  farm fields and then some forest of cedars with moss all over them. We are on the rainy side of the mountains and everything is lush. We stopped for a photo at the Skagit river which we will be following for several more days. That water moves fast!
After we decided to leave the trail and go out and ride on the Cascade Hwy. we moved a little faster. The shoulders are wide and the road seemed quiet, especially for a weekend.  The road was a steady uphill mild grade. The mountains on either side of the valley are wreathed in clouds.

Oh and by the way, we met Sasquash!

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