Friday, June 27, 2014

Lake Koocanusa

Friday June 27th
47 miles
Koocanusa Marina to Eureka, MT
Lots of hills, rain
Again we started out in rain but in the afternoon we saw sunshine intermittently. The scenery was spectacular but unfortunately I seem to have forgotten how to transfer my photos from my camera card to my Note so until I am less tired or have some kind of breakthrough in understanding I can't post them.
 I figured at the average we are doing (28 miles a day so far including our rest days) it's going to take 5 months to get to Bar Harbor! So we will not go to Waterton Lakes in Canada, unfortunately.  But we figure we will do more miles each day on the plains.
I'm hoping it will be easier to bike to Whitefish than along Lake Koocanusa although we are doing much better with the hilly terrain.  We made pretty good time today we thought considering how hilly it was. And we didn't get lost! Well we were on Hwy 37 the whole time. The road had good shoulders and was really very lightly travelled. The elevation chart looks easier for tomorrow. 

I was trying to explore whether there are tour busses at Glacier and so many of them seem to be based on the Going to the Sun Road... and the few that say anything say July 1st. They aren't saying anything about if they go elsewhere if the road isn't open. I wondered about the east side but Dave says St. Mary's is a long way away from the "Maria's alternate", the route we will take since the Going to the Sun Road isn't open.
We will probably just go to the park and ask what we can see without a car and figure we will come back here. We would love to re-visit this area it is so beautiful.

We were riding in the rain this morning, but even saw some sun this afternoon.  Now it's sheeting rain on both sides of the valley but not raining here now. We are staying in Eureka tonight with a Warmshowers host. Warmshowers is a network of people who offer to host long distance bikers. It might be camping in the back yard or a bunk down in the house. It's nice to meet others.
We unfortunately tonight were a little bit of a wet blanket ourselves as we turned down an offer to have a picnic and go visit some land the family owns on a mountain near town. We are feeling kinda pooped even though we did those hills well today. They understand.

Dave's shoulder is better but still sore at night. He had some funny cramping yesterday in his calves but it's mostly better today. Don't know if it's some kind of side effect from the cortisone or not.

We got into Eureka in the early afternoon. I caught a little cell signal at the top of the hill before we came into town but the valley seems to be Verizon only. The restaurant had WiFi so we sat there for awhile.
Good night.


  1. You will love Glacier Lodge when you go by there. If you wanted a real treat and didn't mind spending the money, you could stay there. It's old but awesome!

  2. Great update. I think I remember seeing the red tour buses in Glacier going from Lake Mcdonald in East Glacier to West Gladier...hope you get a chance to check it out...that area is great! Have fun!

  3. Glad you are safe and continue to make progress.
    Quick story of our trip relative to Native American Reservations. Had to cross one (?) coming out of California. Had an armed guard at the entrance and all he said was no problem crossing as long as we stayed on the main road, but....everyone has a big dog and a gun....and they'll use them both!