Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oh boy, mountains!

Landing in Seattle.  A little preview of our biking terrain over the next few weeks.  

We took a shuttle to Anacortes.  We were both pretty sleepy after getting up at 4:30 our time but we only cat napped on the plane and on the shuttle and it's catching up to us now.
When we got to Anacortes we walked two blocks to the Mailbox where our bike had been shipped. 
Dave had been worried since the staff there told him that "something was sticking out". However it turned out to be the end of a brake lever and nothing was damaged! Phew.
Our Warmshowers hosts, the Smith's, are warm and welcoming and came to pick us up along with the two huge bike boxes.
The weather is very nice today which made it pleasant to put the bike together.  It took Dave about 4 hours.  I managed to fold up one of the bike boxes and put it in the other one to save on cost when we ship it back home and later to Maine.
We plan to start riding tomorrow! 


  1. I know how I felt after that day over Rainier, etc! Can't wait to read your reports. So happy for you!

  2. Make sure everything is tight and no missing screws etc! Hope all goes well. Hope you can sleep well tonight!
    Thinking of you!