Friday, June 13, 2014

Our first test of the tent in rain

Sedro Woolley, day 2, Friday the 13th.
7 miles
We fell asleep early because we are still on MI time. I woke up to see a sunset so I thought maybe the weather prediction of rain would be wrong. Not so. At about midnight it began to pour. It kept on pouring until 11 am. Our Big Agnes tent performed wonderfully. Even though the nylon is extremely lightweight it kept out the rain. Of course there is some maneuvering needed to get out quickly so as not to let the rain in.

We got up and made ourselves an oatmeal breakfast under the picnic pavilion. This answered a question for ourselves since we wondered if it was necessary to have cooking equipment.  Well it sure was nice to fix ourselves a hot breakfast.

I had used a little thermos the night before and bought coffee. Not so much success with that as the coffee was cold. I was hoping that could suffice without re-heating.
So the second day of the ride we decided to sit it out and get a motel room. Don't feel like racing through the Cascades when the peaks (and valleys) are shrouded in fog. This rain is supposed to last through the weekend so we made reservations for the next town only twenty miles away. It seems we may do the Cascades like I jokingly predicted, 20 miles at a time.


  1. Is that a "selfie"?!? Looks comfy! Did you bring a sleeping pad too? Bummer about the coffee! No way around it, gotta have something hot first thing...almost to the Mobe.Supposed to rain all weekend, dang!

  2. No Starbucks nearby? I thought they were everywhere. Safe travels!!