Sunday, June 22, 2014

Moving through Idaho

59 miles today.
We have had a full day of biking by the Pend Oreille river and then the Pend Oreille lake which is the dammed up part of the river. It has been hilly but beautiful with lots of overlooks of the Pend Oreille.  There have been so many eagles and osprey we have stopped counting them.
We are now in Clark Fork Idaho, very close to the Montana border. Tomorrow the route will bring us close to the Cabinet Mountains and our campground for the night will be a primitive Forest Service campground so I won't be able to blog tomorrow night.
We camped last night in Priest River. We had a $5.00 campsite especially reserved for bicyclists.
We've been connecting with Lorriann and Dale for the last there nights.  We haven't really biked together because we go different speeds but we are ending in the same towns at night and at the same campground last night and motel tonight.
Dinner tonight was in a gourmet restaurant here in the tiny town of Clark Fork. Funky little restaurant with fantastic food. I had a lamb shank, gnocchi and roasted vegetables. It came with wine, salad and French Onion soup! I hope I can climb the hills tomorrow.
We also met up with Ken, a guy that saw us struggling up out of the valley where we had camped the night before we were going to climb Rainy Pass. The picture of us was taken by him.
Even though he bikes much faster than us, we got ahead of him by using the U Haul. He had been a bit worried about us...Ken's blog is at
It's fun to read the different blogs and see what different experiences people are having on essentially the same route.
The last photo is a three spot Mariposa lily which my friend Joan Young helped me find out by asking another of her friends!  The community on Facebook is so fun.
I'll post day after tomorrow when we hope to be in Libby, MT.

The first map is Montana.  The last one is Idaho.

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  1. You two are such an inspiration, but unfortunately, I'm thru with bikes and am leaning toward a trike after a fall this last month. Good luck.