Friday, June 20, 2014

Another U Haul day

We did one more day with the U Haul trailer. I think we shouldn't  look at the damn elevation charts anymore! It psyched us out looking at the elevation chart from Colville to Ione. We drove it and although it would have taken some climbing effort, it was a gorgeous route. However I've been sitting out a thunderstorm in the tent and we probably would have been caught in that. 

But now the climbs look more moderate from here on.

Dave called a Warmshowers host this morning before we made the decision to drive the U HAUL to this town.  The guy assured him he would be available to drive him back to Ione after he dropped me off with the bike at the campground and then drove back to Colville to drop off the truck.  Then Dave tried calling and texting him and the guy didn't answer!
So Dave called another Warmshowers host, although he was almost ready to hitchhike. Luckily another lady was willing to drive him so he should be arriving here in an hour. Kinda angry at the first guy since we probably would have made a decision to ride the route if we knew Dave wouldn't have a ride. (Or at least I would have strongly advocated for that). 
So, tomorrow we will ride in the valley of the Pend Oreille river. I want to be back riding!!
The photo is of Crystal Falls. This area reminds me of home. Lots of forest, many streams, lakes and rivers. The Pacific Northwest National Scenic trail runs through here. Boy does that look rugged. It passes through every mountain range frome the Rockies in Glacier and through the Cascades. Then it heads down to the coast and into the  Olympia Peninsula. The area is fairly sparsely populated.  I wonder how they get volunteers.  Speaking as a North Country Trail  volunteer, I know how hard it is to get volunteers in rural areas.
The campground, Cedar Park in Ione, is really nice, very clean. The owner brought us some folding chairs knowing that bikers can't bring chairs! They also have the cleanest bathrooms I've seen yet along with a hair dryer, great for chilly days so you don't have to have a wet head. He even put in a microwave and coffee maker outside in the bicyclists' camping area for us. And mad we the coffee early in the morning!

 We saw some recumbent riders leaving Colville so maybe they will come here tonight.

Yes, the recumbent riders did arrive. They are from Ellsworth Maine, very close to Bar Harbor. Fun to talk to them. They will go across Lake MI on the ferry too. Last year they toured completely around Lake MI so they know Michigan quite well. They have the Bah Haba ( Bar Harbor) accent down pat.
One of the photos is the Country Commandments that are in the restroom.  There are only 9 though.  Points to you if you can tell which one is missing!
Another photo is of us cleaning tar out of our shoes.  The ride down for Loup Loup was a little hairy with new loose seal coat (read: tar and stones, ugh, a biker's nemesis.)


  1. Whoa! Lotta info! Love it! Strange the 1st guy didn't follow thru. Better make a note on the list he's not reliable...At least Dave got the ride...Stopped at M & D's (enroute to Mobe) showed D how to increase brightness on his cell.He didn't want to miss your post!

  2. No lying...that commandment is missin'