Saturday, April 4, 2015

Blanco to Lockhart

I rode in a support vehicle today directly into Lockhart State Park with the "Wolf Pack" a group of young men who break down and set up camp each day. They are so efficient at it that in the space of a couple of hours almost 40 tents are erected, air mattresses blown up and luggage delivered to the tent. They also set up chairs and tables and the electronics station and set out water and the coolers with pop. 
When I got into Lockhart State Park I went with Mickey to the town of Lockhart to have barbeque at Black's BBQ. Their beef brisket was really great.
Dave rode 20 miles today, avoiding hills by doing the last 20 miles of the ride. He felt good and his hip handled that amount of mileage well today. Tomorrow is flatter and he is going to increase his miles to 40 and see how that goes.
My calf also feels much better. I have been able to walk without pain all afternoon. I kept it elevated this morning, and I'm continuing with the Advil. I'm hoping after about three more days to try a short ride and see how that goes. So, things are looking up!
One of our riders wasn't so lucky today. He crashed after running into another biker and broke his arm below his elbow. He also fell hard on his hip. Previously on Thursday his daughter and son-in-law had flown themselves and their bikes in and surprised him on our riding day where we reached the half way mark. They were on the way to the airport to fly back home when they got the call that their dad was at the hospital. They were able to change their flights and meet him at the hospital to be with him.
Ironically, when they rode on their bikes the day they surprised him, Wayne's daughter fell and cut her leg on the chainrings so she needed 8 stitches that day! This will be a long weekend they won't forget. Wayne does have trip insurance, but it is so difficult to give up a dream so abruptly...
I don't have much cell signal here and no WiFi, so no pictures tonight, sorry.
Happy Easter everyone.

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