Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How long do I stay off the bike?

Loren: 0 miles
Dave: 67 miles
Still nursing a swollen calf and trying to decide what is going to indicate healing. Frustrating.😬
Woke up to rain. The riders headed out into a relatively warm rain that seemed to ease off during the late morning. The riders rode on an old road that went through the Atchafalaya Swamp. Most of the riders liked the old road even though it was rough. There was lots of wildlife, including an alligator, a roseate spoonbill and swamp lilies. The riders went over the Atchafalaya River and on a new bridge, the Audubon bridge over the Mississippi River.
I was at the first SAG stop doing "attendance", making sure all the riders were in. One rider flipped over his handlebars and "taco-ed" (folded) his wheel in the swamp. He actually continued to ride after getting a wheel from one of the staff, but later took a ride in because he felt dizzy. He felt better today.
Dave's hip felt good and he completed all the miles.
Our home for the night and the day after (a rest day) is a Girl Scout camp called Marydale. There is a lot of land here and the cabins are quite spread out apart from each other. By the time we arrived it had started raining again.
The cabin we are in is housing 3 couples. It's pretty rustic but it does have bathrooms in the cabins. The camp beds aren't very comfortable so tonight we are going to sleep on air mattresses. Many of the riders requested that their tents get set up so the Wolf Pack did double duty and put up all the tents and then went to get the riders' gear from the cabins.
During our rest day I went in to St. Francisville and saw a nurse practitioner and her student. After I had discussed the timeline of the calf soreness and healing to where it isn't painful but still has swelling, they seemed to feel that getting back on the bike might actually help the swelling go down since riding in the car didn't exercise the legs. They recommended the type of calf compression sleeves that runners wear to prevent calf soreness.

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