Sunday, April 5, 2015

Lockhart to La Grange, TX

0 miles for Loren, 12 miles for Dave
For a description of the rides, you may want to see the blog of Lisa and Jeff at 
The morning dawned with a misty rain. It surprised me when I came out of the tent, since I didn't hear it on the tent walls. Before I got up I heard two owls, call and answer. Their timing was so regular it didn't even seem like it it was two real owls!
When I got up I saw something that looked like white splotches on the grass outside the tent. They turned out to be little rabbits for Easter. I don't know why we had four, I think they must have multiplied overnight. We also had some plastic eggs with candy in them. The Easter bunny was either up very early or very late!
I didn't ride again today. My calf feels much better, even first thing in the morning which was when it was the most sore. However, later in the afternoon, I did notice that it had swelled again, so I lay down on my air mattress and elevated it while I iced it. I am very happy to know that the muscle is healing itself, so I'm feeling more hopeful than I was at first.
Dave was not so lucky today. He started the ride thinking that after he felt so good yesterday, that he would try for 40 miles today. Well, he only got 12 miles in before the hip was hurting and he called for a SAG vehicle. With the rainy and cool weather, maybe that aggravated the arthritis? Oh well, tomorrow is another day....
We are indoors tonight. We are in a recreation center in the town of LaGrange. Nice to be in out of the rain. (How does he do it?) The staff are even doing an extra day of laundry for everyone's wet clothes.
A couple of the guys in the Wolf Pack have dressed up, one has a pizza costume on and another a woman's wig???
Lots and lots of Bluebonnets and Texas Paintbrush flowers. Riders came back with pictures of a large field of Bluebonnets. The car I was in didn't ride the route so I didn't see the field. I did see a lot of wildflowers on the highway. It was flat light and misty so we didn't take pictures.
Lots of different birds here in Texas. Dave saw a Scissortail Flycatcher today. Really a beautiful bird, he didn't get a picture though.

             Scissortail Flycatcher. Not our photo, from Google.
Tomorrow the riders have an 89 mile ride. We will be in Richards, Texas on a ranch. The following day is a rest day.
We have been enjoying Cocoa, a little Cockapoo here. Mickey brought her and she has been a favorite of a lot of the riders. I had been looking for a poodle but was dissatisfied about not hearing back from several breeders after I thought we had communicated well. I think they may be putting me on the backburner since they might prefer to have their dogs go to owners who will show them. So, I searched around for a breeder of Cockapoo puppies and found one in Michigan who has a male and female available. I contacted her and sent a deposit for the female. So, we will pick her up on the way home in early May and have a new puppy in the house! 
Future sister to Corkie.
Bubba arranged to have a speaker for us tonight, an astronaut! Bill McArthur gave us a slide presentation about his time on the space station. Really interesting and funny too. He is a bicyclist himself and will bike with the group tomorrow.

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