Wednesday, April 1, 2015

TGIR (Thank God it's a rest day)!

Not much happening here which is really just fine! I took a long 2 hour nap which was just what my body asked for.
We are at Yeargan's on the Rio Frio which I have not walked down to see yet. I will do that just to have an agenda besides updating the blog. Tomorrow we will continue north and eventually circle around San Antonio.
Dave was able to get a prescription phoned in from his doctor. We are hoping it helps his pain level.
The hills are reminiscent of some areas in the Appalachians. This morning was misty and cool but now sunny.
We will reach our halfway point of the tour tomorrow. Wow, hard to believe even if it is April Fool's Day! No I'm not foolin'
Pizza night tonight with a fiddler (best in TX lives nearby) for entertainment later. Like a soldier we live by our stomachs. Dinner is served!

Judy, Dean and I coming into camp on Tuesday.

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  1. Well done well done.
    Love the photos.
    Mickey & Jalyn