Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our Sixth State!

April 14, Dave and Loren 26 miles.
April 15, Dave and Loren 45 miles.
Tuesday April 14: Dave and Loren 26 miles. We did part of the ride to the first SAG stop. We started out in rain and finished in rain. The other riders did 86 miles in the rain.
The initial part of the ride was quite pretty on a country lane. We then we're on a road with wide shoulders but there were a lot of blown tires so it kept us busy scanning the road for debris. There are also a lot of sticks and bark from the logging trucks and you can't  always tell until you get close whether they are tire debris (and the flat tire inducing wires) or bark. There was also thunder and lightning that had less and less time between the lighting flash and the thunder. This signifies how far away the thundercloud is so that was nerve-wracking. All in all not a relaxing ride and I took no pictures.
At the SAG stop we loaded our bikes on the trailer and got in Bubba's RV. We were cold and wet but soon warmed up. My leg seemed no worse, still swollen but not painful. We stopped at a restaurant for shrimp and corn chowder. The wet and bedraggled riders swarmed in. Everyone seemed to be cheerful but maybe it was because it was warm. They still had 26 miles to go at that point. We reached the overnight abode, a Baptist church. It was great to be inside out of the rain and not camping.

Wednesday, April 15

We had a short day today so we started a little later. We hoped to be ahead of the projected rain. The ride was quite pretty today. It started out hilly, then a few miles of downhill and finished with a few more hills. We crossed the Pearl River and entered Mississippi. Except for a few miles with no shoulders, the route today included country lanes and nicely paved roads.

We were able to take a picture with a Louisiana sign since the sign was missing when we entered LA. We also set up the timer feature on the cell phone and took pictures at the Mississippi sign.
On one of our dashes to get in the picture we stepped into a fire ant nest. They are all over doen here. Luckily we moved fast enough to not get any ants on us. They sting with a poison and leave blisters on some people.
The rain held off so before finishing we stopped at the Pearl Drugstore which had an old fashioned soda shop in the back.
Tonight Bubba cancelled the plan to have us camping tonight and instead we are in a hurricane evacuation center. We are supposed to get more heavy thunderstorms tonight. This area has had so much rain that the rivers are all at flood stage and flash floods are predicted in some areas. Luckily tomorrow is another motel night.

Our crawfish boil at Camp Marydale in St. Francisville 

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