Saturday, April 25, 2015

Nice ride through the north Florida countryside

Friday, April 24, Dave and Loren 77 miles
Madison to High Springs, FL
The route was less hilly and more countryside. We said goodbye to US 90 and got onto lightly traveled country roads. Since they were smaller roads, on some of them we could bike in the shade cast by huge live oaks. There were a lot of big horse farms and cattle farms along the way.

We stopped for lunch at Bob's Butts for lunch. First time I've had a pulled pork salad. Then as been happening frequently on this trip, the sheer number of the riders using the bathroom seemed to affect their septic. We were the last riders out of there and when I left the waitress was using the plunger...

Our overnight and rest day is at O'Leno State Park. It is a beautiful park with huge live oaks and a river that disappears! Yes, there are so many underground limestone sink holes that the river actually goes underground for three miles.

Saturday April 25, Rest Day. We paddled the Santa Fe River. This is the same river that disappears, although we were downstream. We paddled an area of the river that has springs. They are fresh coldwater springs. At every springs lots of people were swimming. We saw many turtles, no alligators though.

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