Thursday, April 9, 2015

Eclectic Shepherds Haven and Silsbee

Sorry folks, I thought I posted this last night but I forgot to push the "publish" button! I must have been distracted by the free margaritas that Cecil bought us last night!

We stayed at an interesting place last night, Shepherd's Sanctuary. It is a place that has repurposed items in every nook and cranny. There was a selection of little cabins and then our tent city that springs up from the truck each night. Unfortunately during the morning, they had a septic problem, perhaps created by the rainfall that flooded their drainfield. But I did manage to find one working toilet, in an open air bathroom. A different one that I used earlier...well let's leave it at that.

I did one more day off the bike but planned to ride for 20 miles the following day. Dave rode 20 miles on a planned basis to the first SAG stop and then iced up. (Wednesday, April 8).
On Thursday, April 9, both Dave and I biked together for 20 miles. The elevation chart is now basically flat since we are near the Louisiana border so it was an easy ride. The area is the "Piney Woods" of Texas. We are biking through the Sam Houston National Forest. Lumber trucks were passing us all day. A big part of the lumber in the U.S., such as 2x4's, are from Southern pines.
My leg felt fine on the bike. We'll see how it feels first thing in the morning since that is when it stiffens up and feels the most sore. I iced it twice just to counteract that.

Tomorrow we bike into Louisiana, our fifth state! Already we are seeing signs advertising po' boys and crawdads. Cajun food will be our next culinary experience.

Marsh lilies
I saw a very similar "objet d'art" in Montana last summer.

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