Friday, April 3, 2015

Kerrville to Blanco, 2 transportation modes

We were woken by a mockingbird this morning who had an hou's worth of songs and calls, none of which seemed to be repeats. Then when an alarm went off and continued on, the bird imitated the increasingly rapid tempo in several different keys. Amazing!

I was in a car today and rode the route with occasional stops for pictures.
Dave was out on the bike for 25 miles. His hip started hurting so he came back in a car. There were quite a few hills and the grades were quite steep on the route today and that aggravated the arthritis pain.

The route was quite scenic and on tiny little farm roads. Lots of ranches which seemed to try to outdo each other with stonework at the gates.
In a few days we'll be out of the hill country and in a week, out of Texas! That's about the time I can start biking again so I may have seen the last of the Texas chipseal.
We are out of the desert and now are in high humidity, kind of a shock. Today may have rain later so it's especially high.

We are staying at a state park in Blanco on the Blanco River. 

Udi, who was born in Israel and now lives in Germany, conducted an abbreviated Passover Seder for us tonight. It was very special knowing that our Lord had a Seder with his friends on Passover as today we celebrate Good Friday.

Tomorrow morning is a lunar eclipse that should be visible here in Texas in the morning if it isn't cloudy. The shadow often appears red and is called the blood moon. The symbolism of that and Passover is stunning.

Linda out on the road and Bluebonnets in the verge.
Lots of goats and cattle in fields.
It looks somewhat like northern MI, until you see the longhorns.
Another flower, verbena?
Randy and Colleen on the road.
Cows and calves are in a field right behind the table where the clean laundry was laid out. Quite an unusual sight!

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