Friday, March 13, 2015

78 Mile day (Friday, the 13th)

Day 7, Gila Bend to Casa Grande, 78 miles
The first part of our ride today was through the Sonoran desert. The saguaro were all over. Our speaker last night said that when the saguaro disappear then we have ridden over the Mogallan rim. Before we got over the rim, I was really dragging. I just felt like I had no energy. We were doing a steady uphill, but very slight. I even asked Dave to check to see if my brakes were dragging. They weren't but my front brake was very slightly tick tick ticking. He adjusted them and I also discarded the water from  two of the four bottles that he had filled for me. (They take good care of us, we have two or three SAG stops each day). Just those two things, plus the fact that we started a slight descent, gave me a boost. I finished the rest of the day ok, although it got really long by the end of the day. It stayed cooler than yesterday, which helped.
We played hopscotch with "The Village People". Don, Dean and Barb are all from the Villages in Florida. It is a senior community in FL that has 110,000 people! Barb is our most senior rider at 75.

I'm  having trouble getting a signal. Hope I can post this.

Tomorrow we will be at a state park so won't be able to post probably. We are meeting Lorriann and Dale there, friends we met when we were on our Northern Tier quest to bike cross country.

Quote of the day:
Can you see, is my cellulite gone?
Answer: I can't tell, it's moving up and down so fast.
9:00 is lights out. Goodnight!

Beth and Don
Dean and Judy

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