Sunday, March 1, 2015

Balboa Park and the Gaslamp Quarter

We did a tourist day on Saturday and used public transportation to get to Balboa Park. Balboa was the site of a couple of expositions around 1915 and the buildings were built at that time. There are a lot of museums there but each of them cost extra so we opted to just walk around and look at gardens and the Artists' Market.

Dave actually has a tougher time walking than biking as his old basketball days have resulted in bad knees so we didn't stay for more than a few hours. We had given some thought to seeing the Aviary and the Hummingbird House in the San Diego zoo but after looking it up online, we choked at the cost: $48 per person so passed on that. Guess we'll have to keep our eyes open while we are biking and hope to see lots as we travel.

On Sunday, it rained most of the day so we again played tourist and hired a Uber car and went to the Gaslamp quarter. We saw a movie and sampled some different cuisines. Tomorrow we hope to be back on the bike and explore some more bike routes.

This is a Moreton Fig. The size was just amazing. My third picture shows another one in the park that was even bigger.

Same photo zoomed closer.

Found on the sidewalk. I think panhandlers try to out do each other to be memorable. Or maybe he or she really believes this?

A tattoo parlor? Really?
Another sign from a few days ago. Well, as advertising, at least it's memorable.

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