Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tucson to Tombstone

Tucson elevation 2640 feet to
Tombstone, AZ 4539 elevation
That says it all right there. Today was a day of climbing, mostly before our first SAG stop at 22 miles. I felt sluggish initially. I used my inhaler twice and still couldn't seem to catch my breath. I was under the mistaken impression that our real climbing didn't start until AFTER the SAG stop. Well, at the SAG stop Bubba gave me the good news that we were mostly done with the majority of the climb. (Guess I should have listened better at the map discussion after dinner the previous night!)
Ok, we have had experience where we have found that Bubba is the eternal optimist. His trademark expression "it's all good!" is an example. So when he said "it gets a "little steeper" and goes on "just a little bit longer", we were prepared. About 4 miles and several breathing stops later we saw the welcome sign...

I stopped to take a picture and Dave just rode on down. Yee haw! We rode mostly downhill until the second SAG stop in the little town of Soinita.
Then we had a grand 19 mile ride to the third SAG stop and it truly was ALL downhill! Fun!
We elected to get a ride from there and miss the lastbecause Bubba arranged a trolley to a cowboy shootout in the touristy town of Tombstone. It was an ad lib performance. It was Colleen's birthday so they invited her up to shoot a bad guy. She later said that it was the best birthday she ever had.
I'm having trouble getting a good signal here, the WiFi and cell signal isn't very good. We are right on the border and the Mexican cell signal overwhelms the AT&T signal.

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