Monday, March 23, 2015

El Paso to Fort Hancock

57 miles today that felt easy even with a crosswind so we must be getting stronger. We did a few hills and even routed through downtown El Paso, but we left quite late, 9 am so the traffic was ok. We got into an area of pecan groves, they must be late leafing out because they almost look dead. The pecan growers are serious about protecting there crop, lots of warning signs. The only thing left on the trees now are some open seedheads.
The farmers are dicing to get ready for planting. Lots of irrigation channels. Must be quite a science to get water where you need it.
The towns look dried up and blown away. Really hit hard when the railroads became less of a way of life.
All of us had some barking dogs come out from a particular farm. One guy, (our yooper) from the Upper Peninsula of MI actually chased the dogs back to the farm and then had words with the owner who said that he couldn't control them. Whereupon Dan asked him who was the master? He then reported them to the sheriff. We are now back on a national bike route, the Adventure Cycling Southern Tier.
For us, moseying along at the back of the pack, by the time we passed the dogs they seemed to be rather half-hearted. Another farm had a herding dog, a blue heeler and that dog came out after one of our riders on a trike. The rider took care of that with some stern "no" commands.
Tomorrow is a 72 mile day. Bubba arranged for another motel night. We will cross into central time tomorrow. It will also be our last time using the Interstate on this tour.
Dave says his shoulder feels ok while riding but it does make it hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. My calf was a little tight but I'm icing it and that really seems to help.

Wayne Andresen has a blog at if you want another point of view.

The cottonwood had some burn scars on it.
Dean, Don, Judy, Barb, Dave aka "Coach" under a great old cottonwood.
Don't mess with Texas or their pecans.
Two different schools, two different ways of storing the bikes. Above is tonight's school.
A fairly large man made lake.
A much smaller man made lake with camping facilities.

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