Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Riding from one corner of Tucson to the other

Monday, March 16, Distance 44 miles.

Our day started out not so great. We have been putting our phones together in a pocket on the charging station. Well this time I also added a portable charger to the pocket. The three devices together created too much heat and Dave's phone was very hot when he pulled it out and it wouldn't start.

We had an urban ride today from the northwest corner of the Tucson metro area to the southeast corner just outside the city limits. The route started on a very nice bike path and then a suburb. The yards were nicely landscaped for low water usage "xeriscaped". Pebbles instead of grass, various forms of cacti and agave and stone walls and flagstones.

Luckily, on the route there was a notation about a bike shop in a shopping center. One person in our group, Dean, wanted to visit the bike shop so we entered the shopping area through a doorway in the wall. 

There was the AT&T store we had visited the previous day with Lorriann and Dale! The shop didn't open until 10 am but the haircut place across the way was open at 9 am. So Dave and I both went in and got haircuts. Then we went in the store and we filed and insurance claim to get a phone sent to us at home. (The phone that was shipped is a newer model than what we had!) Our friend at home then shipped it on to us, general delivery at a town in Texas.

We continued on the route which took us on another great bike path alongside the Rillto River, which is not like our Northern rivers as it had no water! I would be amazed to see these rivers in full flood since it is obvious that they hold quite a bit of water by the depth of the dry river bed. We also bike through numerous areas where it says "do not enter when flooded". I'm not sure what one does if flash floods happen when on a bike, since I've heard that they can sweep a car away!

When we got off the bike path, most of the roads had bike lanes so it was pleasant riding. We had lunch at a sandwich place that Lorriann had recommended the previous day. Lots of sandwich choices. While we were there we met Phil, one of the coast to coast riders. He is riding a trike which has been tough on some of these southern roads with the heat cracks. Phil is a theoretical physicist, someone you wouldn't meet most any day!

We ended up at an RV park just outside the city limits. A couple of self supported bike riders came in and Bubba invited them to eat with us and camp. They are two young women in their twenties.

During the night we heard an owl hooting in a tree right over the tents. We also heard coyotes howling when some jets went over from the Navy base.

Dry river Rillto
What to do when the phone goes dead.
The Catalina mountains 
The naval air "boneyard". Probably the largest in the world.
Sunset reflecting over the eastern mountains. 

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