Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A good climb today

We climbed 1079 feet over 5 miles today up to the summit of Soledad Mountain. Yesterday we attempted the climb but quit halfway up because the sky looked threatening with deep black clouds. It took us 25 minutes to climb and 5 to get down. We made it back to the hotel room just as the first drops hit.
Today the sky was clear blue. I felt really strong today. Amazingly I climbed the hill without stopping until we were up over the steep areas and didn't realize I was in my middle gears instead of my lowest gears. I think it actually helped the climb as I tend to wobble when my speed gets below 4 MPH. Yesterday I was wobbling a lot as I was down around 3.5. Today I was no lower than 4.2. It helps to have the forward momentum to stay stable.
As I was feeling proud, a guy on a handcycle blew by me. It turns out he trains on that hill by going up and down several times.
Beautiful 360 degree views from up on top.
We then descended rapidly down to the shoreline and followed along the ocean shore on a bike route and then a bike path back to the hotel. Great day.

The Pacific under a blue sky. That's been rare lately.
This was about 3/4 of the way. Behind us is the Rose Canyon we biked in last week.
Soledad Mountain 
A shoe trade at the CVS? What's the story here?

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