Thursday, March 26, 2015

Extreme headwinds

We started out in the teeth of a howling gale. The wind only seemed to get stronger the more we pushed. Finally we were down to making 5 miles an hour and Dave's hip started to hurt for the first time on this tour. We also wanted to get into Marathon to pick up the new phone at the post office before 4:30. So it was a welcome sight to see Bubba's RV and ask for a ride. I especially had trouble on my recumbent. The front wheel is only 20 inches and it needs a light touch at the best of times. In the wind, I was actually pedaling with my body at an angle into the wind. The trouble with that is that when a truck rolls by, it interrupts the wind for a brief time and kind of sucks you with it. Then when it rolls on we each were fighting to regain control of our bikes.
And it was cold, about 38 when we started out. Even at about 10 am when we quit, it was only about 43.
Just ahead of where we quit, the ride went through an absolutely gorgeous canyon and it made me feel so bad that we weren't able to bike it. However, the riders we met later said they didn't have any time to look around as the canyons created swirling gusts and riders needed to be always alert and struggling to control the bike.
The staff picked us up and brought us into Alpine. We had some time to sit and talk with the riders who had carried on. I so admire each and every person who carried on. They were all supportive of our decision not to ride however.
When I got into camp I was surprised to find that my calf had stiffened up and become painful with the little riding I had done. I was able to get a massage and kept ice on it. I also had some edema in the ankle. So I am really glad I quit when I did. The point is to finish, even if I can't ride every mile.
Tomorrow we have a rest day and we will be driven down to Big Bend National Park. I won't have a cell signal for much of the day, but I'll see what I can do for a short blog post. Say some prayers for healing for both of us, we could use it. Dave's shoulder is healing but slowly.

Dave and I switched phones so I now have the new phone which is charging overnight so here is a sunset photo, the only one on this phone. Gotta get snuggled in to my two sleeping bags, it's going to be a cold night. Finally wearing those long Johns I've carried to here!

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  1. I started following your blog. I have done 11 week long tours with Bubba. I have a couple of bikes, one of which is a Bachetta SWB, Giro. When you get home, I would really like to pick your brain about doing the C2C on a bent. I hope to do the ride in after I retire in about 16 months.

    Keep up the great blog. I'll be following you every day. Mark Van Raam,