Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rest Day, Sunday March 15

Tucson, AZ Catalina State Park
We met with our friends Lorriann and Dale (see "A Paceline Wasn't Quite Enough") and they took us to the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum. It was to the west of where we were camping and the drive out was quite beautiful. We went through desert landscape and a mountain pass where numerous  bicyclists were riding up to the pass. There we met with Caroline and Greg who had surprised us on the road on our Yuma to Dateland day on March 11 ("Rising Steadily Slightly Uphill").
The museum is well done. We visited the Hummingbird Aviary and saw various animals in their outdoor exhibits. I wanted to see javelinas in case we don't see them in the wild (not sure I want to see them in the wild!) They also had some docents with hawks on leashes out where we could ask questions. Thanks, Lorriann and Dale, for a fun day
Afterwards we did some errands. My phone had just that day stopped holding a charge so Dale and Lorriann brought us to the AT&T store where tech support dignosed it. We then went to a Batteries Plus store for a new battery. So much easier with a car. Really fortunate that the battery chose this day to die!

Other C2C folks chose to hike up to a natural spring fed lake. The Catalina State Park has numerous hiking trails.

A couple of the staff, John and Rose, actually biked up Mount Lemmon which is something like 9000 feet. They said the wind was blowing so strongly that Rose couldn't stand up or make any headway. John said he caught his bike as it was lifted up about head high by the wind!

Other coasters did errands over at a shopping center near the State Park.

Hummer on the nest
The Catalina mountains just before dawn.

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