Sunday, March 22, 2015

To Texas! Sweet tailwind and downhill again.I could get used to this!

Both Dave and I rode the whole day today. It was a really pleasant ride, cool but sunny. We had a strong tailwind most of the morning. It became calmer so we didn't feel it as much but it was downhill or flat so it felt like an easy day. Consequently it's hard to find things to write about when it the riding is so easy.
Both Dave and I felt pretty good. My calf muscle seems to have responded to the ice and rest. Dave said he was alright, but I noticed he headed right to the ice machine when we got in and iced his shoulder.
Desolate countryside again. For some reason the landscape is more mesquite and yucca rather than prickly pear and other cacti. Lots of Border patrol presence. One of the staff saw a drone high in the sky during the day.
Later in the day I saw a sign about a public meeting against the Coyotes, which is the name of the human traffickers and drug smugglers.
We finally got to the state line. Dave took a look at the mountains that are east of El Paso and said he thought we would need to go over them. I didn't think so because this time I remembered the elevation chart from the ride meeting and it dropped at the end of the day, except for an .8 mile climb up to the motel.
We crossed the Rio Poquito; well ok it is actually the Rio Grande, but doesn't have much water in it. It still has a guy's Valentines' declaration in the sand next to the little bit of water.
We stopped and took a picture at the state line. There will be plenty of time to experience Texas, we will be in Texas for 19 days.
Ann, our chef, cooked for us and we had dinner in the parking lot. Which is nicer than it sounds as it overlooked a mountain and the sunset. And Dale, we're hearing the trains again! We're  in a motel tonight, probably will be able to sleep through them. Tomorrow we will be in a tiny town that Bubba says makes Columbus look like a metropolis so I don't know if there will be cell or WiFi, although we will be in a school. Fort Hancock is the goal tomorrow. Only a 54 mile ride. That now feel short to us. Bubba does not want anyone to leave before 8:00 to let rush hour traffic die down, so the folks who always head out first and fastest will have to lube their chains or something. Dave and I are the "BURP's"; bringing up the rear people!

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  1. Have spent the last hour reading all your posting; so I am now up to date on your entries. We are thinking of signing up for this ride next spring so it is good knowing the good and bad days of riding! Stay strong - it looks like you are doing really well.